At Pontiac Foodland, we've chosen to carry a select product range of about 1,300 of your favorite everyday grocery and household items—saving you money.

Every grocery item Pontiac Foodland sells is top quality,adhering to stringent specifications that meet or exceed USDA standards, earning us the same ratings as the big national brands. We know how to source the highest quality foods and can ship fresh produce and meats to our stores faster and smarter than our competitors. Count on delicious and wholesome foods at the peak of freshness at everyday low prices.

Our Meat Departments' never ending commitment is to provide you with the freshest cuts of meat and ground beef around, our large meat department staff works day and night to give you, our guests, the highest quality USDA approved meats around. Pontiac Foodland never adds chemicals or extra ingredients to our meats to make them stay fresh longer. For the best meats around with no added chemicals or solutions, shop the Pontiac Foodland Meat Department. Also visit our wide selection of Seafood.

Our produce department buys the absolute best fruits and vegetables from around the country and beyond in bulk and makes them available to you at our everyday low prices.

Our Deli is your headquarters for your everyday deli needs as well as helping you with your party or celebrations needs. With our wide selection of cheeses from all around the world, and all of your favorite meat and fruit trays. We have everything that you need to make your occasion the best it can be.

If it comes from a cow, chances are you’ll find it in the dairy case at Pontiac Foodland. Milk, butter, half and half, regular and reduced-fat cottage, cream cheese, yogurt, and much, much more to keep the herd at home happy.

But that’s just the beginning. Our dairy case is also the place to look for breakfast items like eggs, hash browns, and orange juice. Refrigerated biscuits and cookie dough. Your favorite cool on-the-go snacks, like puddings, gelatins, string cheese and yogurt tubes.

Romulus shoppers everywhere feed our cheese singles to their kids, use our cheese blocks in their favorite appetizers, and sprinkle our shredded cheeses on their favorite dishes. Pass our dairy case just once and you'll never be able to pass it up. You'll soon come to know and love our brands—almost as much as our prices.

Some cooks use the freezer as a safety net to store convenience foods and quick meals for nights they’re too busy to cook from scratch. Others cook from scratch, but almost every dinner has a frozen component, whether it’s chicken, fish, vegetables, or side dishes.

Whichever way your spatula turns, you’ll find it easy to keep your freezer full at Pontiac Foodland.

If your lifestyle dictates convenience, Pontiac Foodland can save your day with weeks' worth of entrees, dinners, pot pies, and heat-and-eat chicken and fish products. You scratch cooks will find chicken, ground turkey, fish, and vegetables just waiting for your special touch. And you'll both find family-pleasing choices in pizzas, potato products, ice creams, and frozen desserts.

Our wines come from all of the world’s best wine producing regions: Germany, France, Spain, California, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. Our beers are sourced from Holland, Germany, and Latin America. Some carry our private labels, others carry the labels they wear in their native lands—but all are exclusively ours in the U.S. So now you can raise a glass to “Incredible Value Every Day.”


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